Lolly Cake as a NZ Claim to Fame

The term lolly is an all encompassing term in New Zealand. Typically a lolly is any candy or sweet or confectionary which is different than what many know a lolly to be- a candy on a stick. Lolly cake then, would presumably be a cake featuring some type of lolly. Indeed,a lolly cake or lolly log is a traditional food enjoyed around the world where a lolly is the key ingredient. These cakes were developed in 1940s and are now able to be purchased in grocery stores, bakeries and made in home.

cake-pops-693646_960_720Having made its debut in New Zealand where sweets are almost their own food group, this cake is unique and can be deemed an acquired or “not for everyone” dish. They are very sweet with a unique taste and texture and thus are not everyone’s favourite dessert.

Fruit puffs are the lolly of choice for this treat. These lollies are what most would compare to a marshmallow but a little bit more firm and they come in a more log shape. They are chopped up and added to the cake base which is made up biscuits and sweet, condensed milk. The mixture is rolled into a log shape and rolled in shaved coconut or any other ingredient of choice and put somewhere cool (like the fridge) to set.

Once it has set, the cake or log is cut into strips and served. It is worth noting that this cake can be adapted and ingredients can be substituted to adapt cultural or personal taste or preference. However, it is worth trying the traditional lolly cake at least once in one’s life to experience to overwhelmingly sweet and tasty experience. It is unique and VERY sweet.

Lolly cakes are just one of the many unique foods that New Zealand has to offer.

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