Marmite in NZ

Marmite is a brand, a brand that is known all over the world. There are two similar spreads; The British version and the New Zealand version that is exclusive to Australia and the Pacific. There are also a couple cousins to the spread including Australian vegemite and German Vitam-R

640px-Marmite_thick_spread_toasted_breadThe paste is best known for its unique salty flavour. Most people either love it or hate it, and if you are foreign to the food, it could be a very acquired taste. The British version’s slogan is even “Love it or hate it”

The New Zealand version was created in 1919. It is modified and sold only in Australasia. The product is sold in small glass jars. It is a type of spread, but unlike a jam, is salty and savoury. The most common way to eat is on toast, crackers and can also be put on top of a layer of butter to help dilute the concentrated taste. Some people make a drink out of the spread by adding it to boiling hot water like a tea.

Other ways to eat it, include as a cheese topper, in sandwiches. Some manufacturers even include the spread in their crackers or as a chip/rice cake / biscuit flavour. Restaurants incorporate it to cater to the tastes. Chips can be dipped in it as well.

More recently, and more creatively than the above mentioned uses of the spread, it has been incorporated or used in various cold beverages including cocktails. It is the star of the show and as such these cocktails even feature the spread in their names; Marmite Cocktail and the Marmite Gold Rush for example.

It is worth trying this spread at least once, if, for nothing else, the novelty. Marmite is unique and very cultural, it is harder to find in Western societies but it exists nonetheless.

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