New Zealand on the Worldwide Food Scene

Though it may not always be glaringly obvious, New Zealand’s cuisine has had its impact on cuisine worldwide. Australia is probably the most prominent and obvious example and feels the largest influence of New Zealand. There are many world renound chefs who started their careers and culinary adventures in the beautiful New Zealand. There are also foodies, bakers and authors from the beautiful island have also spread out and made their marks in the culinary world internationally. Even Peter Gordon, the infamous chef from London was actually from New Zealand originally.

57245d8af2f1f137ff9c1a349dc703bfOne of New Zealand’s greatest contributions to the world of food is pavlova. This contribution is controversial as there has been ongoing battles with Australia as to where this tasty delicacy originated. Many believe it came from Australia but you would be hard pressed not to find a lot more people who argue it is a New Zealand staple.

With the modernization of the modern world and all that has come with it in terms of technology and all the things that have made the world a much smaller, more accessible world, food is becoming more complex, different styles are coming together to create entirely new food types. Fusion food is becoming increasingly popular and gives the opportunity for New Zealand’s cuisine to interact with more diverse and other flavours.

New Zealand’s cuisine, dishes and food products may not be in the forefront of many other country’s food scene. Though there are many other country’s with spicier, more colourful or sweeter dishes, New Zealand’s cuisine is unique, and evolving to become more prominent and present. As the world evolves, transportation costs become lower, technology allows us to shrink and access all kinds of information, food and experiences, New Zealand’s food will continue to find its place within the world.

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