Pavlova- The famous NZ Dessert

Pavlova is arguably, New Zealand’s biggest culinary claim to game. It is named after a Russian ballerina; Anna Pavlolva (though the pronounciation differs between the dessert and the dancer). The dessert itself is meringue based and features a crispy crust with a light and fluffy inside. Typically it is topped and decorated with fruit and whipped cream.

mixed-berries-1470228_960_720As mentioned, the dessert is named after a ballerina and the reason for this is because the dessert was created following her tour within Australia and New Zealand in the 1920s. This is the source of the agelong debate of who actually invented the dessert (Australia or New Zealand). Many argue the recipe originated in New Zealand while others feel Australia claims responsibility for the sweet treat.

Either way, regardless of who made it first, the dessert is an integral part of New Zealand and Australian culture. The recipe is simple, easy and the dessert itself is light making it the perfect dessert for all occasions. Pavlova is often served during and at holiday meals and celebrations. Despite its diversity, it is typically associated with the summer time and most consumed during the summer months.

Pavlova goes beyond the hearts and bellies of the Australian and New Zealand populations and has captured the hearts of many worldwide. It is increasingly popular in other countries around the world and is extremely sought after by tourists in both Australia and New Zealand.

Variations of the dish do exist, as with many culinary staples, but the original is worth trying at least once in one’s life. The light, fluffy nature of the dessert is both refreshing and satisfying and won’t leave one feeling too full or bloated. The dessert is easy to make and recipes exist from a number of sources ranging from food blogs to traditional cookbooks.

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